This is our most up-to date calendar of food and wine related events.  More in-depth classes
and tasting require registration, and many of the shorter classes do not.  Shorter
demos and classes are usually free of charge.

'Threefer madness' is our special pricing on sampled wines!  Read more here.

3/22 - Bandol Rosé , Sat 1PM
We've secreted away a few bottles of last season's Bandol rosé wines to entice you to take advantage of our pre-arrival offer. Hey, the snow is melting!-- join us to taste before you buy, 1pm. Tasting runs until 4pm, or until samples are gone. No registration is required and this event is free of charge.
3/29 - Meyer-Fonné : talent of Alsace, Sat 1PM
Felix Meyer makes some of the most compelling aromatic white wines in Alsace today. Rich, but graceful at the same time-- aromatic, beguiling. Join us to taste the new 2012 arrivals from this genius, and decide which ones you'll take home. Tasting begins at 1pm, and goes until 4PM or when samples are exhausted. This event is free of charge, and no registration is required.
4/5 - 2013 Rosés Are Here! 1PM
The 2013 rosé wines have begun to arrive. We're still waiting on the great Bandol wines, but in the meantime we have some delightful entries from southern France and the Loire valley. We're sure you'll want them on your table to hasten Spring. Join us at 1PM to taste,. This event is free of charge, and no registration is required.
4/12 - The Left and the Right: Estate Bottled Red Bordeaux, Sat 1PM
We've just received the new vintages of some of our favorite red Bordeaux, one Merlot-dominated, from Chateau Tour Bayard, and one made mostly from Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine of Chateau Aney. Join us to taste, 1PM until samples are exhausted. This event is free of charge and no registration is required.